Linda Urquhart

Here are some pictures taken during the year of 2012.

Makenna and Cael with cousin Tyler in the middle.

Makenna turning 4 in January and Stella visiting in April.

Grumpa's 69th birthday in April,

Rowan graduates from Pre-Kindergarten in June.

Our visit to Thunder Bay in June at the Elliott's cottage.

Our annual golf trip to Clare Michigan. Brian and his partner Janet and me and my partner Pete.

Aug 8, Shannon Alexander is born and Makenna and Cael stay over at Gramma and Grumpa's.

One of many beautiful sunsets at our trailer on Lake Huron

Our annual Murray reunion. Aunt Pat with Jerry and Jayne.

And Uncle Gord and Aunt Betty.

In September we had Rowan and Stella for the carnival at the park.

And we celebrated Andrew and Katie's birthday.

In October our ash big tree was cut down at the trailer, so we now have an even better view of the lake.

But we are concerned that the water levels fell drastically this fall. The sandbars are out of the water now.

Thanksgiving was fun with all the kids together.

In November Shannon is growing, Cael turned 3 and Stella turned 4.

Stay tuned for December pictures to follow.