Linda Urquhart

The Urquhart Family Reunion was held on August 6, 2005 at the University of Windsor. The reunion was for the descendants of James Urquhart of the River Thames who settled in Sandwich Ontario. It was a resounding success. Here are some pictures from the event:

Aunt Theresa Bechard, daughter of Henry James Urquhart.

The Jones.

Darlene Lawrence (daughter of Edward Charles Urquhart) and Linda Urquhart (wife of Brian)

Standing is Jimmy and sitting on the left is Bobby Bechard, both son's of Angela Bechard, daughter of Henry James Urquhart. Sitting on the right is Bonnie Wilken, daughter of Peter Urquhart who was the son of Henry James Urquahrt.

Again with Darlene Lawrence.

The Chief of Clan Urquhart, Kenneth Trist Urquhart of Urquhart

Sennachie and Bard of Clan Urquhart, Robert Jeffery Urquhart, son of Wilfred Herman Urquhart, and his wife Sue.

The grandchildren of the Chief, our Scottish dancers for the evening.

The Chief presenting Aunt Dorothy Provost, daughter of Henry James Urquhart, with an award for her assistance in preparing the family book and for helping to organize the family reunion.

The Chief presenting Darlene Lawrence with a crest for her assistance in the event.

After dinner watching the Highland dancing and getting involved in the dancing ourselves.

Aunt Theresa with Lynne Ford (daughter of Edward Charles Urquhart) and her son Jason Ford.

From left Wayne and Wanda Urquhart, in the back Darcy Urquhart, and his daughters in the fron Monica and Jannessa, along with the two grandchildren of the Chief. Wayne and Darcy are sons of Edward Charles Urquhart.

The Chief and his wfie, Lady Virginia, watching the dancing with Bobby Bechard.

Aunt Theresa with Aunt Dorothy and her husband James Provost, her daughter Melanie and Thesea's sons John and Nancy and Joe and Linda.

Andrew Urquhart, Lindsay Jacobson, Linda Urquhart and Katie Urquhart. Andrew and Katie are children of Brian and Linda Urquhart.

Darlene Lawrence.

The highland dancers from Ohio, from the Walsh School of Scottish Dancing. Christie Walsh is the daughter of the Chief.

Muriel Bechard with her daughters Shelley Simard and her husband David and Tracy Critchlow and her husband Ken. Muriel is the wife of Jimmy.

Wayne and Purita Bristow in between Bobby Bechard and his wife Pauline.

From the left: Katie Urquhart, Brian Urquhart, Lady Virginia, The Urquhart, Linda Urquhart, Andrew Urquhart and Lindsay Jacobson. Brian is the son of Edward Charles who is the son of Henry James.

From the left, Darcy Urquhart, Lady VIrginia, The Urquhart and Emy Urquhart. Darcy is also the son of Edward Charles.

The Urquhart and Lady Virginia with Darlene Lawrence.

Wayne and Purita Bristow. Wayne's mother was born Doris Belva Urquhart, daughter of William Urquhart of Mitchell's Bay..

Tony Lawrence, husband of Darlene, Darcy Urquhart, Wayne and Wanda Urquhart and Emy Urquhart.

The Bechards.