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    Dr. Krishan L. Duggal
    M.A., MSc., PhD (1969)
    Professor Emeritus
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    Conference Proceedings
    Special Session on Geometric Analysis in Mathematical Physics -
    WCNA 2004 -
    4th World Congress of Nonlinear Analysts,
    Hyat Regency Orlando, Florida, USA
    June 30 - July 7, 2004

    Organizers: Krishan Duggal (University of Windsor, Canada)
    E- mail: yq8@uwindsor.ca
    Paul Ehrlich (University of Florida, USA)
    E-mail: ehrlich@math.ufl.edu
    Conference Contact Person:
    Mrs Donna E. Miller-Kermani
    Editorial Assistant to Dr. V. Lakshmikantham ( Director)

    List of invited speakers