Community Based
Research Development Centre


The research infrastructure for the School of Social Work's Community-based Research and Development Centre (CBRDC) is funded by the Canadian Foundation for Innovation. The CBRDC supports the research projects of the Principal Investigator, Jill Grant, and her research partners, in the areas of 1) Mental health services, 2) Service user participation 3) Mental illness stigma, and 4) Collaborative research.

The CBRDC promotes collaborative research partnerships with faculty and community members to enhance the transformation of research findings into policy, programs and practice to promote social change. The CBRDC also offers training, development and consultation relating to community research and practice as well as research training opportunities for students.
Principal Investigator and CBRDC Administrator
    Dr. Jill Grant, Assistant Professor, School of Social Work
Affiliated Researchers:
    University of Windsor

    Dr. Sung Hyun Yun -
    Assistant Professor, School of Social Work
    Ms. Mary Medcalf - Field Administrator, School of Social Work
    Professor Heather Krohn - Faculty of Nursing
    Dr. Brent Angell - Professor & Director, School of Social Work

    Dr. Anne Westhues - Professor, Faculty of Social Work, Wilfrid Laurier University
    Dr. Geoffrey Nelson - Professor, Community Psychology, Wilfrid Laurier University
    Dr. Marina Morrow - Assistant Professor, Faculty of Health Sciences, Simon Fraser University
    Ms. Brenda Jamer - Faculty of Health Sciences, Simon Fraser University
    Professor Dawn Hemingway - Associate Professor, Social Work, University of Northern British Columbia
    Ms. Heidi Johns - Northern Health Authority, British Columbia
    Ms. Barbara Frampton - Southwestern Alliance Network
    Mr. Shawn Lauzon - Ontario Peer Development Initiative

Community-based Research
  • A Longitudinal Analysis of Supported Housing for Mental Health Consumer-Survivors
  • Evaluation of the Northern Health Authority‚Äôs Vocational Rehabilitation Continuum
  • Evaluation of the Mental Health Crisis/Respite Program, Waterloo Regional Homes for Mental Health
  • Psycho-Geriatric Care: Building Rural Community Capacity (M. Morrow PI)