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98-930. Law and Social Work: Advanced Practice Research Methods and Policy Analysis
This course prepares students to use the practitioner-researcher model in the analysis of social policy, as it relates to law, in Canada. This model includes problem formation, qualitative and quantitative research design, data analysis and interpretation, and the dissemination of findings. Students will learn to apply specific analytic frameworks and theories, drawn from law and social work, to issues of Canadian social policy. In addition, students will learn essential elements of program evaluation including needs assessment, program logic models, implementation and process evaluations, and impact evaluations. Particular attention will be given to the implications of social policy for vulnerable and oppressed populations. Credit Weight 4.0. (Crosslisted with Social Work 47-625).

98-931. Advanced Seminar in the Theory and Practice of Social Work and the Law
This seminar focuses on the intersection of law and social work in theory and practice. It will prepare students to think critically about the interrelationship between law and social work, both as disciplines and professions, and to identify and analyze theoretical and substantive areas of compatibility and tension. The challenges of interdisciplinary practice will be considered, with a particular emphasis on ethical norms and the advancement of social justice. (Open to MSW/JD students only, or with the permission of both program areas.)