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Graduate Diploma in Advanced Practice Oncology/Palliative Nursing
The Graduate Diploma in Oncology/Palliative nursing is designed for advanced practice nurses who desire a series of nursing courses to facilitate the clinical and psychosocial care of oncology/palliative clients.

Admission Requirements
1) All general regulations of the Faculty of Graduate Studies admission requirements are applicable.
2) Completed or currently enrolled* in a Master’s degree in a clinical nursing specialty with at least a B standing. Consideration may be given to BScN applicants holding master’s degrees in other cognate disciplines. *Students currently enrolled in a master’s program must have completed three-quarters of their program prior to being admitted to the program.
3) Evidence of registration or license in her/his own province/country.
4) Minimum of two years’ experience in nursing. Preference will be given to those with Oncology/Palliative care experience.
5) Current curriculum vitae
6) Original post-secondary transcripts
7) Three confidential reports must be completed by academic/professional referees, with at least one from an academic who has taught the applicant and one from a recent employment supervisor.
8) A narrative statement must be submitted, which will address the candidate’s rationale for seeking the graduate diploma.
9) Applicants whose native language is not English must submit certification of English proficiency (official TOEFL score or equivalent MELAB).
10) Applications for admission must be completed by February 15 (or until seats have been filled).
11) Completed Application form and application fee
12) An interview may be required.

Category 1: Nursing MSc or MN Program (completed or currently enrolled)
1) Proof of completion of MSc or MN Program, or students must have completed least three quarters of their course work requirements prior to admission, since the Diploma requirements are additional to those requirements for the M.Sc. or M.N. degree. Students may apply and register in this Diploma Program while completing their M.Sc. thesis research. However, a separate application and tuition fee are required for enrolment in the Advanced Oncology/Palliative Diploma Program.
2) For the Graduate Diploma Program in Advanced Oncology/Palliative Nursing, at least two (2) years experience is required in nursing. Applicants with Oncology/Palliative care experience will be given admission preference.

Category 2: NP certificate with MN or MSc
1) NP-MN or NP-MSc with at least a B program average.
2) Minimum of two years’ experience as an NP in any practice setting. Preference will be given to those with Oncology/Palliative care experience.

Category 3: PhD in nursing or related field
1) Students with a PhD in nursing or a related field. Preference will be given to those with a research focus in Oncology/Palliative care.

Required Courses:
1) 63-530. Advanced Health Assessment, Diagnostics, and Therapeutics of the Oncology/Palliative Patient (Part I)
2) 63-532. Advanced Health Assessment, Diagnostics, and Therapeutics of the Oncology/Palliative Patient (Part 2)
3) 63-533. Interdisciplinary Psychosocial Oncology/Palliative Care (one course)
4) 63-531. Leadership and Management in Oncology/Palliative care settings (one course)
5) 63-589. Summer Institute of Clinical Health Research
6) Practicum with two phases:1) Simulation; and, 2) Preceptorship