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Fall 2019

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The Master of Management is a program specifically designed for a cohort of international students. Students enrolled in the program may select a concentration from one of the four following fields: 1) Manufacturing; 2) Logistics and Supply Chain Management; 3) Human Resource Management; and 4) International Accounting and Finance. Please note that these concentrations are approved, but not necessarily offered. For more information contact the Centre for Executive and Professional Education at

Admission Requirements

Admission to the Master of Management program will be open to applicants who meet the following criteria:

1) Bachelor-level degree in an acceptable discipline from an academic institution approved by the University of Windsor;

2) The equivalent of a 70% average in undergraduate studies;

3) Where appropriate a TOEFL score of at least 560 (or proof of equivalent English language proficiency, such as MELAB or CAEL tests);

4) A successful interview with a representative from the Odette School of Business.

Degree Requirements

Total courses: 13

As with the regular M.B.A. program, all required courses are offered by the Odette School of Business Administration. In this program students will follow a prescribed sequence of courses in cohort fashion, with no electives. In addition, the academic program itself will be preceded by an intensive 8-week program of English language instruction and introductory courses to Canadian culture and business practices.

Pre-program: Intensive ESL instruction and orientation to Canadian culture and business practices.

All Fields
BSMM-8110. Accounting concepts and techniques
BSMM-8120. Finance in a global perspective
BSMM-8130. Managing employees
BSMM-8140. Marketing
BSMM-8000-Business Communications, Parts 1 and 2 (delivered over two consecutive terms)
BSMM-8310. International Business
BSMM-8320. Quantitative Studies
BSMM-8510. Business Strategy (capstone course)

Manufacturing Field
BSMM-8330. Introduction to Business Logistics Management
BSMM-8340. Leadership and Organizational Change
BSMM-8520. Marketing Strategy and Planning
BSMM-8530. Manufacturing Strategy
BSMM-8540. Manufacturing and Globalization (Stream capstone)

Logistics and Supply Chain Management Field
BSMM-8330. Introduction to Business Logistics Management
BSMM-8350. Purchasing and Procurement
BSMM-8550. Domestic Transportation and International Shipping
BSMM-8560. Quantitative Analysis for Logistics and Supply Chain Management
BSMM-8570. Supply Chain Management (Stream capstone)

International Accounting and Finance Field
BSMM-8360. International Financial Reporting
BSMM-8370. International Financial Management
BSMM-8610. Consolidated financial statements
BSMM-8620. Accounting Systems Control and Auditing
BSMM-8630. Corporate Governance (Stream capstone)

Human Resources Management Field
BSMM-8380. Human Resources Management
BSMM-8340. Leadership and Organizational Change
BSMM-8650. International Management
BSMM-8660. Managing for High Performance
BSMM-8670. Current HR Trends (Stream capstone)

The fields will be included on the diploma parchment:
Master of Management, International Accounting and Finance
Master of Management, Logistic and Supply Chain Management
Master of Management, Manufacturing Management
Master of Management, Human Resources Management