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Fall 2019

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Admission Requirements
Bachelor degree in a calculus-based quantitative discipline (e.g. Engineering, physics, chemistry, business) with at least a 70% average (or equivalent) overall. Knowledge of calculus and matrix algebra is essential. Admission is limited and competitive.

Degree Requirements

Total Courses: 12

ACSC-8010 Probability for Risk and Actuarial Science
ACSC-8020 Financial Mathematics, Theory of Interest
ACSC-8030 Derivatives Markets I
ACSC-8040 Derivatives markets II
ACSC-8050 Life Contingencies I
ACSC-8060 Life Contingencies II
ACSC-8070 Short Term Actuarial Models
ACSC-8100 Microeconomics
ACSC-8110 Macroeconomics
ACSC-8200 Regression and Time Series
ACSC-8300 Mathematical Statistics for Actuarial Science
ACSC-8400 Actuarial Science Capstone Project

The 12 required courses are scheduled over four semesters.

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics requires that students always maintain at least a 70% average. Term courses in which a grade of at least 70% has been earned will be accepted for graduate credit. Term courses with a grade lower than 60% will not be accepted for graduate credit. At most two term courses with grades in the 60% - 69.9% range will be accepted for credit subject to the approval of the Faculty of Graduate Studies after a positive recommendation from the Department’s Graduate Studies Committee upon consultation with the Director of the Master of Actuarial Science program. This recommendation will be given on a case by case basis.