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Spring 2008

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The University designates graduate students as full- or part-time:

1) Full-Time Student: A student who is admitted to a program on a full-time basis and who meets the following criteria will be registered as a full-time student:

(a) is geographically available and visits the campus regularly. It is understood that a graduate student may be absent from the University while still under supervision, e.g., visiting libraries, attending a graduate course at another institution, doing field work, etc. If such period of absence exceeds four weeks in any term, written evidence must be made available to the Office of Graduate Studies to the effect that the absence has the approval of the program coordinator;

(b) students employed by the University may not work for more than an average of ten hours a week. If a student is employed as a teaching assistant or a sessional instructor, the ten hours a week should represent the total time spent by the student in connection with the appointment, including time spent on preparation, reading, setting assignments, marking examinations, etc.

2) Part-Time Student: Some graduate programs are available on a part-time basis. Students interested in part-time studies should first consult the program coordinator. If a student has not been accepted on a part-time basis at first registration, he or she must petition the Faculty of Graduate Studies for permission to transfer to part-time status for cause. Such petitions will not normally be granted to students meeting criteria (a) and (b) above for full-time students, or students completing major paper, thesis or dissertation work. However, petitions based on domestic responsibilities which demand more than ten hours a week will be considered.

Note: Part-time students may not take more than two courses in any term. Registration in any given term for a major paper, thesis, or dissertation is counted as the equivalent of one course.