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Master of Engineering Management (This program is offered jointly between the Odette School of Business and the Faculty of Engineering)

The Master of Engineering Management provides a business and management foundation within a technical context to allow students to understand all aspects of engineering management. The program aims to help engineering students utilize appropriate business practices and become managers and administrators within their field of practice by providing skills and knowledge to manage projects, resources, people and processes within technical environments. It also encourages independent learning by allowing students to apply business practices in solving practical problems.
Graduates from this program will ultimately be able to take on senior roles in project, operations, manufacturing and facility management. As well, given the diversity of the curriculum, students may be able to occupy marketing and product management roles and fulfil duties that combine sales, finance and economics within technology enterprises. For those who are interested in pursuing entrepreneurial career, the program offers a basic foundation to conduct essential feasibility studies, business planning and financial modeling tasks.


Admission will be granted, within the limits of program availability to students with the following credentials:
    · Bachelor of Applied Science degree in engineering (or other undergraduate degree (or equivalent) with related technical background) with an average of at least B (73%) from an accredited university
    · Proof of English language proficiency IELTS: 7.0 / iBT TOEFL: 100
    · Two reference letters
    · CV/Resume
    · Statement of purpose letter
    · Preference will be given to candidates who have at least two years of relevant work experience in engineering or a related field
Fall semester enrollment only.

Total courses: lectures will be on Fridays (17:00-21:00) and Saturdays (8:00-18:00) every second weekend, for 6 weeks a semester (36 hours in total). The program includes existing courses as well as new courses. Students are required to complete 9 courses or a total of 30 credits for graduation. Courses will be divided into A) Core Courses (6 courses for a total of 18 credits), B) Non-core Courses (2 courses for a total of 6 credits), and C) Capstone Project Course (two semester course for a total of 6 credits)


A) Core Courses: all students need to complete the following 6 mandatory core business and engineering courses before taking any non-core courses:

Core Business Courses:
76-531. Financial and Managerial Accounting
76-530. Applied Finance
76-511(20). Research Methods

Core Engineering Courses
91-523. Product Innovation and Design Management
91-519. Work Organization: Analysis and Design
88-590-40. Technology Entrepreneurship
    B) Capstone Project Course: all students must complete a capstone course offered jointly by the Faculty of Engineering and Odette School of Business. This course, 76-540/85-540 Engineering Management Capstone allows students to practice their theory by completing one of: 1) an engineering management report 2) engineering feasibility study, or 3) new venture business plan. Coordinators and associate deans from engineering and business will appoint instructors for this course. The teams and projects in this course should be managed in a manner similar to the existing corporate MBA project and with emphasis on student mentorship and project supervision by subject matter experts.

    C) Non-core Courses: students select 1 non-core course from each of the following course groups:

    Non-core Business Courses:
    Choose One:
    73-604. Operations Management
    75-602. IT Project Management
    76-505. Marketing Management
    75-682. Manufacturing Strategy
    78-613. Managing Employees
    75-692. Special Topics (depending on semester)

    Non-core Engineering Courses
    Choose One:
    91-514. Engineering Design, Methodology & Applications
    91-522. Supply Chain Management and Logistics
    93-550. Sustainability: Principles and Practice
    88-590-2. Electronic Commerce
    85-550. Engineering Project Management

    D) Mandatory Workshops (1 workshop per semester, each workshop is 1 session during 10:00-17:00 on a Saturday or Sunday of a week that doesn’t have classes):
    The workshops could include these areas:
    Team building and development· Intellectual property with focus on engineering technology· Negotiation skills and practices· Pre-capstone team formation workshop (Semester 4)




    Master of Engn Mgmt (Oct 2015).pdfMaster of Engn Mgmt (Oct 2015).pdf