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Education (MEd - International Cohort)

[Available to international students.]

The objectives of all Master of Education programs are to provide candidates with opportunities to develop:
    a commitment to intellectual enquiry and scholarship as a basis for continuing professional growth;
    a knowledge of current theory and research relevant to the curriculum and administration of elementary and secondary schools; and
    an understanding of, and respect for, the principles of educational research.
In addition to these objectives, the Master of Education (International Cohort) will place an added emphasis on developing research through an internship and on understanding educational theory from a comparative viewpoint between Canadian education and that of their own country.

Admission Requirements

Preference will be given to candidates who exceed the minimum requirements as listed below. Applicants should have at least one year of successful professional experience in education. These requirements are already in line with the minimum requirements for students entering into the other Master of Education programs.
    Confirmation of successful completion of a Bachelor of Education (or equivalent) from an academic institution approved the University of Windsor. Applicants with a four year honours degree in related fields may be considered
    Evidence of having obtained a cumulative grade point average in the B range overall and at least a B standing in the last two years of your academic studies (when converted to Ontario standards)
    Demonstrated English proficiency by meeting or exceeding a 7.0 score in the IELTS test or a TOEFL score of 100 (ibt)
    Three letters of reference (should address the applicant’s ability to engage in academic work and scholarly study)
    A successful interview with a representative from the University of Windsor
    A personal statement discussing why you wish to do graduate studies in the area of educational studies and how it fits into your plan for entry into the workforce as a working professional and / or scholar
    The Centre for English Language Development (CELD) offers an English Language Improvement Program that will be made available to students who are academically qualified but must demonstrate higher English language proficiency prior to the start of their academic program. English language training is at an additional. Students who demonstrate sufficient language proficiency but experience difficulties with language will be referred to CELD which offers additional student support programs in English Pronunciation and English Writing Development.

    Enrolment is limited.

    Program Requirements

    Candidates will pursue studies in one of two areas of concentration:
    (a) Curriculum Studies;
    (b) Educational Administration.

    Preparatory Program Work
      Academic Preparatory Program

    Term 1
      80-551 Information and Communication Technologies
      80-529 Theories of Educational Administration (EA)* OR 80-524 Curriculum Theory and Development (CS)**
      80-515 Comparative and International Education

    Term 2
      80-527 Research in Education
      80-510 Statistics in Education (EA)* OR 80-530 Qualitative Methods in Educational Research (CS)**
      80-565 Sociological Aspects of Education

    Term 3
      80-535 Organizational Behavior in Education Institutions
      80-536 Introduction to Educational Policy Analysis
      80-566 Approaches to Literacy Development

    Term 4
      80-5xx Internship

    *EA = Education Administration concentration course
    **CS = Curriculum Studies concentration course