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Spring 2019

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All graduate courses are seminars. Enrolment is limited in these courses, because considerable contribution is expected from each member of the seminar. For such courses, the corresponding undergraduate survey course, or an acceptable equivalent, is ordinarily a prerequisite. This condition may be waived only by agreement of both the program coordinator and the professor offering the seminar. The specific topics of individual courses may vary, depending upon the interests and needs of professors and students. It is thus impossible to list in detail the many topics that may from time to time be offered. The schedule below lists only the major periods or forms of literature in which special topics courses may be available.

Special topics courses having the same course number may be taken more than once providing the course content is different and with the permission of both the program coordinator and the professor offering the course. More than one seminar or course numbered in sequence in any of the listed areas may be offered in a given term.

In the Fall term each year, the Department of English publishes a Graduate Handbook giving complete information as to specific topics of the courses to be offered in the upcoming academic year, with texts, reading assignments, and other details about requirements of the course, wherever possible. Students are welcome to write to or call the office for a copy of this handbook.

Not all of the following areas will necessarily be represented by course offerings in any one year.

ENGL-8000. Scholarship and the Profession

ENGL-8010. Tutorials

ENGL-8050. The English Language and Linguistics

ENGL-8100. Literature of the Old English Period

ENGL-8150. Literature of the Middle English Period

ENGL-8200. Literature of the Renaissance

ENGL-8250. Renaissance Drama

ENGL-8300. Literature of the Restoration Period

ENGL-8350. Literature of the Eighteenth Century

ENGL-8400. Literature of the Romantic Period

ENGL-8450. Literature of the Victorian Period

ENGL-8500. Literature of the Twentieth Century

ENGL-8550. Literature of the United States

ENGL-8600. Literature of Canada

ENGL-8650. Post-Colonial Literature

ENGL-8700. Literary Genres: Poetry

ENGL-8750. Literary Genres: Drama

ENGL-8800. Literary Genres: Fiction

ENGL-8850. Literary Genres: Criticism/Cultural Studies

ENGL-8910. Creative Writing Seminar A
The Creative Writing Seminar A is the capstone in Windsor's English program in Creative Writing. Its aim is to assist you, who have been chosen to participate in it as highly talented serious students, to become writers of distinction. The seminar will be run primarily as a workshop, where we read and discuss work-in-progress. There will also be occasional assigned reading and writing exercises, and guest speakers, for your challenge and inspiration.

ENGL-8920. Creative Writing Seminar B
The Creative Writing Seminar B is a continuation of Seminar A as the capstone in Windsor's English program in Creative Writing. (Pre-requisite: ENGL-8910 or portfolio approval).

ENGL-8930. Composition Pedagogy: Theory and Practice
(Required for Graduate Assistants assigned to teach ENGL-1001.)

ENGL-8940. Creative Writing Project

ENGL-8970. Thesis/Project