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Spring 2019

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Argumentation Studies

ARGU-9000. History and Theories of Argumentation
This course, offered in the Fall term each year, explores the major movements in argumentation theory, beginning with the Ancient Greeks and proceeding through the twentieth century, and part introduction to further research agendas in the field. The course involves in-depth readings and discussions of seminal texts in the field, including such figures as Aristotle, Toulmin, Perelman, Hamblin, Walton, and van Eemeren. There is intensive reading involved, and students will be expected to demonstrate (through discussion and papers) a thorough understanding of this core material. (6.0 credit)

ARGU-9010. Advanced Studies in Argumentation
This course, offered in the Winter term each year, will introduce students to different fields of current research in argumentation studies as conducted by members of the faculty. Themes may include ‘Feminism and Argumentation’, ‘Argumentation in Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence’, ‘Advances in Multi-modal Argumentation,’ among others. Reading lists will depend on the topics involved each year. (Prerequisite: 14-ARGU-9000 History and Theories of Argumentation) (6.0 credit)

ARGU-9980. Dissertation Research
Students work with a supervisor and committee to develop and implement an original research investigation, informed by the training in Argumentation Studies provided by the coursework and Qualifying Examination. The results will be embodied in a professionally organized and written dissertation conforming to the requirements outlined in the Graduate Calendar for the Argumentation Studies program and by the Faculty of Graduate Studies. The dissertation is expected to be of the highest quality and suitable for publication (Graded pass/fail). (Prerequisites: ARGU-9000 and ARGU-9010; passing Qualifying Exam.)