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A program may require either oral or written examinations in graduate courses.
Each instructor must inform his or her students, by the end of the second week of each course, concerning the following:

(a) the basis for determining the final grade in the course;
(b) the approximate dates for tests, essays, etc.

Alterations in the announced procedure may be made by the instructor with the consent of the majority of the registered class.

A student who wishes to receive consideration on account of a serious illness or a bereavement prior to or during the examination period should communicate with the Head of the Department or program coordinator concerned as soon as possible, and must submit supporting documents (e.g., a medical certificate) within one week of the scheduled examination. In such cases, the Dean of Graduate Studies, on recommendation of the program and the Academic Standing Committee, may grant aegrotat standing in the subject or subjects concerned on the basis of the term mark, or approve an Incomplete grade or grant permission for a supplemental examination.

In addition to appealing a grade informally (see Bylaw 51, section 2.7.1), students may formally appeal a grade.

Graduate appeals must be made in writing to the Dean of Graduate Studies, in accordance with the Graduate Appeals Policy as stated in Senate Bylaw 51: Academic Evaluation Procedures. Appeals must be received no later than three weeks after the final mark has been released by the Registrar. Link to Registrar's Office formal Grade Appeal Form.