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Arts and Science - Courses

56-301. World Civilizations
An introduction to the politics, culture and history of world civilizations. Focus will vary from year to year, depending on the interests of the instructor. (Open only to students in the BAS program.)

56-310. Modes and Methods of Inquiry
This course introduces methodological themes and principles that span disciplines across the Arts and Sciences, with an emphasis on developing skills for the critical appraisal of research literature. The course will enable students to become critical readers of published research in a variety of disciplines. (Open only to students in the BAS program.)

56-410. Inquiry and Communication
An introduction to inquiry-based learning with a focus on contemporary political and social issues, emphasizing the professional preparation and presentation of research results. The class will organize a public workshop on a topic that will vary from year to year. (Open only to students in the BAS program.) (Prerequisite: 56-310.)

56-420. Research Project
Students will design and implement a research project under the supervision of a faculty member integrating methodologies, critical perspectives and theoretical approaches acquired in the core BAS program. (Open only to students in the BAS program.) (May be repeated once for credit.)

56-421. Science, Ethics and Social Policy
Students will explore the ethical dimensions of contemporary scientific controversies and their implications for social policy. The focus will vary from year to year but may include such topics as stem cell research, invitro-fertilization, and global warming, emphasizing the role of scientific and ethical arguments in policy formation. (Open only to students in the BAS Program) (Prerequisite: 56-310.)