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Law - Service Courses

The Law Faculty offers a number of courses which are available for credit toward university degrees and diplomas other than the full-time JD. degree. These courses cannot presently be counted as credit for the JD degree because of Law Society Regulations governing qualification for call to the Ontario Bar.

99-218. Environmental Law
This course is intended to provide non-law students with a background in environmental law with an emphasis on Ontario environmental legislation. Topics include: introduction to common law, public participation, jurisdictional issues, environmental assessment, Ontario regulations covering air, water and waste management, enforcement, compliance and alternatives to regulations.

99-219. Forensic Evidence and the Canadian Legal System
This course is designed as an introduction to the Common Law legal system in Canada and the place of forensic evidence in law. The following topics will be covered: the nature of law and the constitutional basis of legal authority in Canada; the court structure; the nature of the adversarial system and the criminal and civil process; burdens of proof and onus; a primer on the rules of evidence with special emphasis on the opinion of rule and the use of real and demonstrative evidence.

98-971. to 98-979. Special Topics Law
Theses courses provide an opportunity to examine in-depth legal issues not covered in the regular curriculum. The content will vary to reflect student need and faculty expertise.