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Fall 2018

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Not all courses listed will necessarily be offered each year.

42-249. Political Economy of Agrictulture and Food
Study of the physical, cultural, economic, and political factors influencing the spatial patterns and regional problems of world agriculture. (3 lecture hours a week.) (Also offered in Political Science 45-249.)

42-361. Introduction to African Development
A multidisciplinary course introducing students to developmental issues currently confronting African countries and peoples, focusing on the sub-Saharan region. Using a sectoral approach, including health, education, agriculture, and the environment, the course reviews multiple and conflicting approaches to development and addresses both the potentials and the barriers associated with them. (Also offered as Sociology 48-325 )

42-392. Urban Systems
Urbanism as a progenitor of economic change is examined from various theoretical perspectives and selected case studies. (3 lecture hours a week.)