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Fall 2018

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The Faculty of Education, University of Windsor, was established on July 1, 1970, thus becoming the seventh Faculty in the University. Its predecessor, Windsor Teachers' College, founded in 1962, trained its students to teach in the elementary schools of Ontario. Integration with the University opened the way to the development of new programs of study designed to prepare candidates for teaching in both elementary and secondary schools.

The Role and Mission of the Faculty of Education

The Faculty of Education, University of Windsor, promotes the professional and scholarly growth of teachers at all levels as reflective, caring, competent and innovative educators. We advance knowledge and contribute to the improvement of pedagogical practice through our teaching, our research and scholarly activities, and our community service and development. Our undertakings are informed and shaped by a commitment to equity and social justice.

We approach teaching and learning primarily from a constructivist perspective, which builds upon the philosophical principles of progressive education. Some key elements include student-centred active learning, authentic activity, and integration of prior experiences. We are focused on providing prospective teachers with what they need to know in order to teach diverse student bodies. We value teaching in ways that emphasize the understanding of differences that may arise from diverse cultures, family experiences, multiple intelligences, and learning styles. Informing the design of our pre-service program are the following beliefs:
•effective teachers are able to work with students with a wide range of learning needs, including those with exceptionalities;
•teacher candidates learn best by doing and reflecting, collaborating with skilled professionals, and by sharing their experiences; and
•teacher candidates should be provided opportunities to develop a professional sense of accountability, which includes an understanding of the social and moral responsibilities that underlie the practice of the teaching profession.

The ultimate purpose of the Faculty of Education is to enable teacher candidates to prepare their students to be responsible and productive citizens. We stress to our teacher candidates the importance of recognizing the enormous influence they will have on students. They must continuously evaluate what students are thinking and modify their plans to take into account what they discover. In this regard, we promote the notion that teachers are powerful classroom ethnographers with the ability to analyse and explain to themselves and to others why they do the things they do. We believe teacher candidates should internalize the dispositions and skills needed to study their teaching and take responsibility for their own professional development and lifelong learning.


Students who have completed a degree in Education through the consecutive pre-service program, or who have completed Education courses in a Concurrent program, may not count any of the Education courses toward another degree.

The Faculty of Education reserves the right to limit enrollments in any program or individual course of instruction described in this Calendar in cases where the Faculty's teaching and other resources cannot accommodate all of the qualified applicants. In addition, not all courses listed may be offered.