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Spring 2010

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Students are highly recommended to take English 26-100 (Composition) as students in Computer Science should develop good oral and written communications skills, besides technical proficiency in the basic science.


In selecting courses to meet the requirements of the programs outlined below, the following general regulations also must be observed:

1) A student registering in a course without having successfully completed the prerequisite course(s) will be required to drop that course unless the consent of Computer Science is obtained.

2) If two or more courses cover essentially the same material, only one may be taken for credit.

3) The prior approval of Computer Science must be obtained in order to substitute any courses for required ones.

4) Statistics courses other than those specifically listed as being required for the degree, or ones for which the required statistics courses are themselves prerequisites, may not be taken for credit.

5) In general, Computer Science courses offered in other areas may not be taken for credit. 60-104, 60-106, 60-205, 60-207, 60-270, 60-305, and 60-336 may not be used to satisfy the major requirements of any degree program in Computer Science, or in joint programs with Computer Science, unless permission is obtained from Computer Science.