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Spring 2010

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Years 1 and 2: Admission to the pre-Disability Studies program is governed by the general requirements of the University of Windsor for admission to the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. In preparation for application to the Disability Studies program in Year 3, students are strongly encouraged to engage in experiences in human services agencies and organizations in the community.

Years 3 and 4: Admission to the Disability Studies program in Year 3 requires that students apply to the Office of the Registrar prior to March 1. However, late applications will be accepted until June 30 of each year and will be considered for admission if space permits. Applications are available on the Disability Studies website and from the Office of the Registrar. Entry is for the next Fall term only, and enrolment is limited.

Entrance requirements to Year 3 include:
(a) Completion of 12 unspecified university courses
(b) Completion of
four bridging courses: 01-150 or equivalent; 01-151 or equivalent; 02-250 or equivalent; one Disability Studies course:s 38-101 or 47-210 or 46-230;
(c) Minimum major
grade point averages of B-;
(d) Minimum of 40 hours experience in community organizations;
Two reference letters.

An interview may also be required. (Students who have not completed all course requirements at the time of their application may be accepted contingent on successful completion of these requirements before the beginning of the Fall term.)

For students enrolled full-time, the Year 3 and 4 Disability Studies program is intended for completion within a two-year period. Students who intend to complete the program on a part-time basis or who may require additional time to complete their degree requirements for other reasons should meet with the Disability Studies Coordinator in order to plan a suitable program of study. Requests from students requiring accommodation are welcomed.