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Spring 2010

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Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Arts and the Built Environment (VABE)*

Students enrolled in the program may be eligible to apply to the fourth year of the architecture program at the Universityof Detroit Mercy (UDM), following completion of their third year in the VABE program. Students admitted to the fourth year of the UDM program would graduate with a General BA in Visual Arts from the University of Windsor. Students who continue to the fourth year of the Windsor program would graduate with a BFA in Visual Arts and the Built Environment. Students who successfully complete the fourth year of the UDM architecture program can graduate with a B.Sc. in Architecture or be eligible for admission to UDM’s professional program in Architecture (M.Arch.).
    Total courses: forty-two

    Major requirements:

    School of Visual Arts
    (a) 27-105, 27-107, 27-108, 36-120, 36-110; one of 27-383 or 27-384;
    (b) 27-480 (2 credits), 27-481 (2 credits), and 27-491
    (c) 36-213 [new course to be developed], Green Corridor 27-385
    (d) two additional 300-level studio courses in the same subject area
    (e) plus 28-150, 28-214, 28-215, 28-391, 28-456 Proseminar (Architectural Theory)
    (f) two other Art History courses, one of which has to be at the 400-level
    (g) a successful VABE portfolio evaluation.*

    School of Architecture
    (a) Professions: 36-119, 36-129 (each credit)
    (b) 4 Design Studio courses: AR-130, AR-140, AR-210, AR-220;
    (c) Computer Graphics/Design: AR-116, AR-216,
    (d) Structures: AR-233, AR-243
    (e) Co-op Training Prep: CEC-300 or 27-380 Visual Arts Internship

    Option Requirements:
    Five courses including
    (a) two Social Science courses
    (b) one Science course
    (c) two additional courses from Arts excluding Visual Arts

    Other Requirements:
    (a) 01-150 and 01-151; 24-210, 34-110, and 62-139

    *Portfolio Evaluation: A successful portfolio evaluation is required. The portfolio evaluation takes place at the end of semester six, after the student has gained credit in 27-105, 27-107, 27-108, 36-120 ,28-150, 36-110, 36-130, 36-230, 36-140, 36-240,36-210, 36-310. 36-220. 36-320.

    Those students seeking to pursue a BSc in Architecture from the UDM after their third year are encouraged to consult a VABE Advisor on what options are transferable. Students who opt to graduate after year 3 and enter the UDM BSc program will receive a BA in Visual Arts. For these students, the VA studio course requirements in the BA will be replaced by the architecture studio courses taken at UDM. Acceptable substitutes for BA requirements 07-202 and 07-203 will include any two Social Sciences courses taken under the option requirements for the VABE program.

    Program Sequencing

    YEAR 1

    University of Windsor

    University of Detroit Mercy
    36-119 (0.5 credit) -Introduction to Architecture I

    University of Windsor
    36-213 [new course to be developed

    University of Detroit Mercy
    36-129 (0.5 credit) Introduction to Architecture II

    YEAR 2

    University of Windsor

    University of Detroit Mercy
    36-230 Architecture Design 3
    36-216 Computer-Aided Design
    AR233 Structures 1

    University of Windsor

    University of Detroit Mercy
    36-116 Computer-Graphics
    36-240 Architectural Design 4
    36-243 Structures 2

    YEAR 3

    University of Windsor
    28-456 Proseminar
    1 Science Elective

    University of Detroit Mercy
    36-310 Architectural Design 5
    36-300 Co-op Training Prep. [online course] or 27-380 Visual Arts Internship.

    * 36-300 is only needed if a student is planning to enter the UDM B.Sc. Architectural Program after their 3rd year. Students who do not complete the co-op preparation course will need to substitute this requirement with 27-380 Visual Arts Internship.

    University of Windsor
    2 Arts Electives, excluding Visual Arts courses
    2 Social Sciences Electives

    University of Detroit Mercy
    36-320. Architectural Design 6

    YEAR 4

    University of Windsor
    27-3xx Studio course
    27-480 (2 credits)
    28-xxx Art History course

    University of Windsor
    27-3xx Studio course
    27-383 or 27-384
    27-481 (2 credits)