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Spring 2010

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The responsibility for becoming familiar and complying with the requirements for degrees and with academic regulations rests primarily with the student. Every student can access a "Degree Audit Report" on the Student Self Service page at which reports a student's progress towards fulfilling degree requirements.

In addition, academic advising is strongly recommended for all students. Academic units provide individual assistance to students both in the selection of their programs of studies and in the choice of courses in keeping with program requirements. General questions normally should be addressed to the Associate Dean of the Faculty.

Students are strongly urged to seek course and program advising to ensure that they understand degree requirements. It is recognized that many students may not have decided on their major areas or on their final career goals prior to entering University. Consequently, it is not unusual for students to change their programs of study after taking several courses. Every effort is made to assist such students, within the limits of the requirements of the various programs.

Students who are considering program changes may request assistance from advisors within their proposed area of study. Application forms for a change of program are available on the web on the Student Self Service page at

Students are required to have declared a major by the time they have successfully completed ten semester courses.