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An applicant who wishes to transfer (at any level) from another college or university must arrange for a complete transcript of record to be sent to the Office of the Registrar by each institution previously attended.

From Another University

A student will normally be granted credit for any course which has been completed with a minimum C- (60%) standing at another Ontario university. The total number of credits granted will be dependent upon the individual program requirements of each faculty.

A transfer student will be required to complete at least one full year (ten semester courses) or the equivalent at this University before qualifying for a degree. Refer to each faculty section for the appropriate residency requirements.

A student who has been required to withdraw from his/her previous institution will not be accepted to the University of Windsor during the period of his/her disbarment. If a student is eligible to apply to another faculty or program at his/her previous university, the student is eligible to apply to a similar program at the University of Windsor. In any case, should the student's record be such that he/she would have been required to withdraw at the University of Windsor, he/she shall not be eligible for transfer unless authorized by the appropriate Academic Standing Committee.

Students transferring from another university shall not be given credit for those courses in which they have received a grade lower than C- (60%) unless authorized by the relevant Academic Standing Committee.

From a College of Applied Arts and Technology

Applicants who have completed a minimum of one year of a CAAT diploma program that is academic in nature with a minimum cumulative average of B (3.0) at the CAAT will be considered for admission to First Year of an appropriate program. Applicants who have graduated from a three-year CAAT program that is academic in nature with a minimum cumulative average of B (3.0) at the CAAT will be considered for admission to Second Year of an appropriate program.

Academic Transfer Credit - Courses
(Senate-approved: September 19, 1996)

Deans of academic faculties may grant credit for academic work completed at a non-accredited (non-recognized) post secondary institution, or for courses completed at a CAAT not covered by existing transfer policy, on an individual basis subject to the following provisions:
1. The applicant must be currently enrolled at the University of Windsor.
2. The applicant must have a cumulative average of B or better at the previously attended institution.
3. The request must be endorsed by the AAU Head in the discipline area in which the student is seeking credit.
4. Transfer credit may not be granted on a one-for-one basis (but may be granted on a two-for-one, three-for-two, or completion of a program basis).
5. No more than four credits may be granted.