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Spring 2010

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38-101. Introduction to Social Justice
The course will explore diverse visions and dimensions of social justice, both past and present. It will examine the role of political economy, culture, and identity in addressing injustice in Canada and globally. It will critically assess different strategies for social change. Students will be introduced to the principles governing the production and distribution of benefits and harms, and to such concepts as distributive justice, politics of difference, civil society, empowerment, critical pedagogy, citizenship, and human rights.

38-321. Social Justice Seminar
An inter-disciplinary exploration of the role of the state, alternative media, arts, literature, critical pedagogy, international and domestic law, social movements, non-governmental agencies, international governmental agencies, and scholars in bringing about social change. (Prerequisites: 38-101 and semester 5 standing.)

38-447. The Social Justice Practicum
The Practicum in Social Justice offers students in the Social Justice program an opportunity to apply their academic knowledge in a practical setting. Students will be placed in organizations dedicated to the pursuit of social justice in the Windsor area and assigned a major project to be completed in consultation with the course instructor and under the supervision of a field supervisor. Students will be expected to contribute a total of 100 hours to their practicum project and course assignments. In addition, all students will be required to attend a seminar every other week. (The course is open to Social Justice Majors only.) (Prerequisites: 38-321 and semester 7 standing.)