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Spring 2010

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A student who wishes to transfer to a new program may apply on the web on the Student Self Service page at All program transfers and conditions for transfer are subject to the approval of the Dean in accordance with regulations established by the Faculty into which the student wishes to transfer.

1) Normally a student who has a cumulative G.P.A. of 5.0 or greater in the previous program, and who meets the admission requirements of the intended program will be permitted to transfer and credit will be granted for all courses completed that apply to the intended program.

2) If a student has been required to withdraw from a program, the student normally will be considered for admission to the new intended program on the same basis as students who have been required to withdraw from the program.

3) All courses that are transferable, whether passed or failed, will be considered in calculating both the cumulative and major averages (where appropriate) in the new program.

4) Applications for transfer to Business are subject to the following deadlines:
    • June 15th for Fall semesters
    • October 15th for Winter semesters
    • February 15th for Inter/Summer semesters
Transfer is based on academic achievement and the availability of space, and a minimum 7.0 (C+) cumulative average is required in order to be considered for a transfer to Business.