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UG Regulations - Classification of Students

A full-time student is one who is registered in four or more undergraduate courses in a term.

A part-time student is one who is registered in fewer than four undergraduate courses in a term.

A regular student is one who has met the average requirements for admission or the minimum average requirements for continuation in his or her program of studies.

A conditioned student is one who, at the time of admission, does not have standing in a required subject or subjects.

A visiting student is one who registers and takes courses for credit for the purpose of transferring the credit to the university at which he or she was previously registered. Normally, visiting students are advised to have written permission from the home university in order to register for courses.

A special or non-degree student is one who is taking courses for credit but not proceeding to a degree at this University.

An audit student is one who attends (a) course(s) but does not receive any grade(s) or credit for the course(s) towards a degree. Such a student will not be allowed to write examinations and may not be graded in any way, but will be required to pay the regular fees for the course(s).

A student on academic probation is one who has not met the full admission requirements to a program or a student who, once admitted, has shown unsatisfactory progress at the conclusion of the previous term. (See the regulations pertaining to each faculty.)

Academic probation is removed if a student demonstrates satisfactory progress by the end of the probationary period. Normally, a student will be required to withdraw from a faculty if performance is not satisfactory at the conclusion of the academic probationary period.

For regulations pertaining to the possible readmission of students who have been required to withdraw, see the regulations pertaining to each faculty.