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UG Regulations - Definition of Courses

The word "course" generally refers to a 3.00 credit hour offering which is given over one term. Each term includes approximately thirteen weeks of classes. During each regular academic year (September to April), the Fall term runs from early September to early December and the Winter term runs from early January to mid-April. Each term concludes with final examinations. Additionally, the University schedules courses in a Summer term which includes Intersession (May - June) and Summer Session (July - August), each of which are approximately six weeks in duration. Courses given in these sessions carry the same credit as those in the Fall and Winter terms. Some courses offered in the Summer Term run from May - August (12 weeks).

In some areas, courses also may be offered for 1.50 credit hours, or for 6.00 credit hours. Courses of any credit hour value may be offered over multiple terms or over a part of a term.

In a few cases a course may be "linked" with another course in the sense that credit is granted only when both courses have been completed successfully. Course descriptions indicate "linked" courses. Unless otherwise indicated, such courses must be taken in successive terms.

The time required to complete programs can vary according to the student's choice. If courses are taken exclusively in the Fall and Winter terms, a general degree normally is completed in three years and a four-year Honours, Major or professional degree in four years of full-time study. Students may choose to accelerate their programs by attending Summer term, Intersession and/or Summer Session, or may spread their programs over a longer period by attending as part-time students. Some programs place a time limit on degree completion. Refer to individual Faculty and program regulations for such limits.