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Academic Regulations - Calculation of Averages

The marks obtained in all courses taken at the University of Windsor are used to calculate a cumulative average. Similarly, all marks obtained in courses in the major area of study are used to calculate major averages. Provided that the course is available in a subsequent registration period, a student may repeat a course only once for purposes of upgrading a major or cumulative average. Both the original mark and the upgraded mark obtained will remain on the student's official record. However, only the mark received in the second attempt is used in calculating the cumulative and major averages.

Bachelor of Arts and Science: The calculation of the major average for the Bachelor of Arts and Science program consist of grades obtained in the subject area of the Major Concentration plus the following courses: 56-301, 56-310, 56-401, 56-421, 56-410 and 56-420.

Grades assigned and their significance are as follows:

A+, A, A-Excellent
B+, B, B- Good
C+, C, C- Fair
D+, D, D- Pass
F, F- No Credit
Inc Incomplete
IPIn Progress
NR No Report

For the purpose of calculating a grade point average, the following numerical equivalents are used:

A+13A12 A-11
B+10B9B- 8
F1F-0NR 0

A student's progress within a program will be evaluated on the basis of the grade point average. For purposes of calculation, the grade point earned in a 6.00 credit hour course will be double the weight of that earned in a regular 3.00 credit hour course. A grade point earned in a 1.50 credit hour course will be given one-half the weight earned in a 3.00 credit hour course.


Letter Grade Credit
Grade Points Weight

F-0x1.5= 0

Average: (114/15) = 7.6

Some programs calculate weighted averages based upon the number of contact hours for each course. In these programs, the average is calculated as follows:

Letter Grade Grade PointsCredit Weight

Weighted Average: (133.00 / 23.75) = 5.6

Courses in which an F or F- grade is received will be recorded on the student's transcript and may be factored into the Grade Point Average but will carry no credit toward a degree. A grade of IP is recorded at the end of the first term of a two-term course.

A grade of NR is assigned to students who although registered in a course have neither attended regularly nor submitted assignments. In computing a student's average, NR is equivalent to F-.

Subject to regulations laid down by the faculty or school, a grade of "Incomplete" may be assigned to a student who so requests at the discretion of the instructor and academic unit head. Such a grade may be granted to a student who has not been able to complete all course requirements by the date of the final evaluations. The grade of "Incomplete" could be used in situations such as:

(i) the missing of an examination or test for a valid reason,

(ii) the failure to complete required projects or assignments in the allocated time owing to circumstances beyond the student's control.

A grade of "Incomplete" must be changed to a letter grade not later than six weeks after the last date of the examination period. If no grade has been assigned by that date, a final grade of F is automatically entered in the student's record by the Office of the Registrar.