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Admission Requirements - From US Schools

In order to qualify for admission an applicant must present scholastic records indicating good preparation and ability to undertake a university degree program. Graduates of accredited high schools will normally qualify for admission if the cumulative high school grade point average is 2.75 (B-) or above.

Each applicant must present scores from either the American College Testing Program Assessment (ACT) or the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) offered by the College Entrance Examination Board. Advanced Placement Examinations in certain prerequisite subjects may also be required.

The student must receive a favourable recommendation from the high school Principal, and should rank in the upper third of the class.

Highly qualified applicants from the United States will be given acceptance after the second term marks of the final year of high school have been received if the applicant meets the admission requirements at that time, provided that the graduation certificate is presented.