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Fall 2019

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Visual Arts General Information
Transfer Students: Students who have taken art courses at other post-secondary institutions and desire credit for basic courses in Visual Arts may be required to submit a portfolio of their own work for evaluation by Visual Arts, together with an official transcript of their record and catalogues describing the courses taken, all of which must be submitted no later than two weeks before the first day of classes.

Visual Arts Program Requirements
1) MACS-1500 must be taken in the first year.
2) Visual Arts students must take VSAR-1050, VSAR-1060, VSAR-1070, and VSAR-1080 in the first year.
3) Registration in any studio courses numbered in the VSAR-2xxx's requires a successful B.F.A. portfolio evaluation.
4) Fourth-year BFA. students will be required to participate in the B.F.A. Candidates' Exhibit. The selection of work to be exhibited is to be made with the approval of the student's instructor in Studio Practice II.

Visual Arts and the Built Environment
Note: Students admitted to the BFA in Visual Arts and the Built Environment (VABE) program are also required to apply for a US study visa in consultation with the University of Detroit Mercy (UDM), in order to attend and complete courses at the UDM School of Architecture. Admission to the VABE program does not guarantee the granting of a study visa by the US government. Continuation in the VABE program requires that a study visa is granted by the US government.

Areas of Study
Requirements for degree programs in Visual Arts make reference to the following groups of courses:
Basic Courses: VSAR-1050, VSAR-1060, VSAR-1070, VSAR-1080, and Media Art Histories/Visual Culture MACS-1500, MACS-2140 and MACS-2150.
Drawing/Printmaking: VSAR-2030, VSAR-2230, VSAR-3030, VSAR-3260, VSAR-3650, VSAR-3900.
Inter-media Practices: VSAR-3830, VSAR-3840, VSAR-3710, VSAR-3850, VSAR-3860, VSAR-3650, VSAR-3900
Internship: VSAR-3800
Painting: VSAR-2130, VSAR-3130, VSAR-3650, VSAR-3900.
Photography: VSAR-2530, VSAR-2900, VSAR-3460, VSAR-3470, VSAR-3480, VSAR-3650, VSAR-3900
Sculpture/Built Environment: VSAR-2330, VSAR-2550, VSAR-3330, VSAR-3710, VSAR-3850, VABE-2130, VSAR-3650, VSAR-3900.
Time-Based: VSAR-2430, VSAR-2450, VSAR-2630, VSAR-3430, VSAR-3450, VSAR-3630, CNMA-3100, CNMA-3200, CNMA-3300, CNMA-4270, CNMA-4200, CNMA-4320, VSAR-3650, VSAR-3900