Fall 2020 Graduate Calendar




Application for admission may be made online at www.uwindsor.ca/graduate.

Applicants are advised to check departmental listings for deadlines. If an earlier deadline is not specified, complete applications, and the application fee should be submitted no later than July 1 for September admission, November 1 for January admission, and March 1 for May admission; however, applicants are advised that offers of admission will be made prior to and following these dates to qualified applicants. All positions may be filled before the deadline dates. Early applications are advised.

International applicants are required to obtain a student visa. This is the sole responsibility of the applicant. Applicants are advised that Canadian government processing of visa applications may take several months. It is recommended that international students apply at least 6-8 months prior to the semester in which they desire admission.

Admission to the Faculty of Graduate Studies is by letter of offer from the Dean of Graduate Studies.

A decision to admit or not to admit is made by the Dean on the basis of a recommendation received from an academic unit, together with the documents required for admission.

Applicants who have not been admitted to the Faculty of Graduate Studies may upgrade their qualifications and reapply. A subsequent decision would be made on the basis of a further recommendation from the academic unit and the updated file.


Offers of admission are made for a specific term, and, with the approval of the program, acceptance may be deferred for the next available term only. Students wishing to be considered for admission at a later date will normally be required to complete a new application and to resubmit their documents.


All documents received become the property of the University and will not be returned.

Action will be taken on an application for admission when all the documents listed below have been received:

1) The online application form properly completed.
2) One copy of official or unofficial transcripts of all undergraduate and graduate work from all colleges or universities attended. If an offer of admission is extended on the basis of unofficial transcripts, final official transcripts must be submitted by the deadline on the offer of admission.
3) Completed Confidential Report forms as required.
4) Any additional program requirements, e.g., GMAT, GRE, writing sample, portfolio
5) For applicants whose native language is not English, see the Senate Policy on Graduate English Language Proficiency Requirement.

The Senate on Graduate English Language Proficiency Requirement can be found online on the Central Policies website. www.uwindsor.ca/policies

ADMISSION LEVELS (an applicant may be admitted to a graduate program as a master's student, qualifying master's student, transitional master's student, probationary master's student. or a PhD student)

Master's Qualifying Admission (M1): An applicant who holds a three-year degree in the discipline to which s/he is applying, or a four-year degree in another discipline, may be admitted as a qualifying student, with a recommendation for advancement to the M2 level contingent upon completion of a prescribed set of qualifying courses, with a minimum grade as specified by the program. Since qualifying students are not candidates for a degree, a qualifying student is not considered a graduate student.

Regular Admission (M2): Applicants who hold a four-year degree or equivalent in the discipline to which they are seeking admission may be admitted to this level.

Transitional Admission (M2): An applicant who holds a four-year degree, but not one in the discipline to which s/he is applying, may be admitted to a Master's program as a transitional student. Transitional students are normally required to complete a program of no more than five specified undergraduate courses in addition to the graduate courses required of regular students. Upon completion of these extra courses, with a minimum grade as specified by the program, the student may continue in the Master's program as a regular student.

Probationary Admission (M2): An applicant who does not meet the minimum departmental program admission requirements, but who can present evidence of leadership, and/or substantial related work experience, may be considered for probationary admission upon the recommendation of the program. Students who are accepted on probation will be required to satisfactorily complete two specified graduate courses in the first term, in addition to any other admission requirements, before conditions are waived. Graduate credit will be given for the graduate courses after the conditions are waived. The final decision on probationary admission rests with the Faculty of Graduate Studies

PhD.: Applicants who hold a Master's degree or, in exceptional cases, a four-year Bachelor's degree, may be admitted to this level.