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Professors Emeritus

Hanson, Jens; Ph.D., (Yale); M.A., (Denver); B.Sc., (M.I.T) - 1968.

McIntyre, Paul; A.R.C.T. (Royal Conservatory of Toronto); Mus. Bac., Mus. Doc. (Toronto)--1970.

Palmer, David John; B.Mus., M.Mus. (Michigan)-1970.

Householder, Richard; B.A. (Hastings College), M.M. (Colorado)-1973.

Butler, E. Gregory; A.R.C.T. (Royal Conservatory of Toronto), B.M., M.M., D.M.A. (Eastman)-1974, Diploma in Arts and Technology, honoris causa, Loyalist College of Applied Arts and Technology, 1974.

Henrikson, Steven T.; B.Mus., M.Mus. (British Columbia), Diploma (State Academy of Music, Munich)-1976.

Associate Professors

Adamson, Philip; A.R.C.T. (Royal Conservatory of Toronto), B.Mus. (British Columbia), M.Mus., D.Mus. (Indiana)-1977.

Lee, Brent; B.Mus., M.Mus. (McGill), D.M.A. (British Columbia)-2002.

Bayley, Jonathan G.; B.Mus. (McGill), B.Ed., M.Mus. (Alberta), M.M. (Eastman), Ph.D. (Ohio State) – 2003. (Director of the School)

Bick, Sally; B.Mus. (Toronto), M.M. (Indiana). M.Phil. (Music History) (Yale), Ph.D. (Yale)-2003.

Assistant Professor

Papador, Nicholas; B.Sc. Business Admin (Oregon), B.Mus. Percussion Performance (Oregon), M.Mus. Percussion/Composition (Indiana), D.Mus. Percussion (Northwestern)-2005

Clements-Cortes, Amy; Ph.D. (Toronto); M.Mus. (Toronto); MTA; BMT (Windsor) - 2006.

Magill, Lucanne; B.A. Psych (Whittier), M.A. Music Therapy (New York), Ph.D. Music Therapy (New York)-2006.

Waldron, Janice; B.Mus. (Houston), M.Mus. (Toronto), Ph.D. (Michigan State)-2006.

Adjunct Associate Professor

Inselman, Elsie; Voice-1990.

Scheirich, Lillian; Voice – 1990.

Special/Sessional Instructors

Benton, Robert; Tuba/Euphonium – 2009.

Bloom, Bradley; Sessional – 2010.

Butler, E. Gregory; Piano - 1974.

Cox, Gregory; Sessional – 2006.

Dearing, Steven; Classical Guitar.

Dumlavwalla, Diana; Piano – 2010.

Dwyer, Peggy; Voice - 2003.

Fazecash, Robert; Sessional and Applied Jazz /Pop/Brass - 2005.

Francom, Timothy; Percussion – 2009.

Gitter, Ben; Sessional – 2010.

Householder, Richard; Sessional – 1973.

Inselman, Elsie; Voice – 1990.

Klugh, Vaughn; Applied Jazz/Pop-Guitar – 2008.

Kingins, Ed; Windsor Community Choir -1990.

Lockwood, Timothy; French Horn - 2008.

McKeever, Catherine; Voice - 1996.

Moor, Ric; Sessional – 2010.

Nurullah, Shahida; Applied Jazz/Pop-Voice - 2007.

Paquette-Abt, Mary; Sessional – 2010.

Penny, Nicholas; Viola – 2008.

Pittman, Trevor; Clarinet – 2001.

Price, Jeffrey, Saxophone, Applied Jazz/Pop-Woodwinds - 2006.

Scheirich, Lillian; Violin - 1990.

Sheldon, Gregory; Double Bass - 1997.

Shier, Julie; Bassoon - 1997.

Stone, Michael; Trombone - 2005.

Sun, Lyan; Voice - 2003.

Wagner, Jaimie; Flute - 2003.

Weed, Tad; Applied Jazz/Pop-Piano - 2006.

Wiebe, Peter; Windsor Community Orchestra - 2005.

Zanier, Brian; Trumpet - 1998.