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The University reserves the right to make changes without prior notice in the various fee schedules, as well as changes in rules and regulations and the revision or cancellation of particular courses and programs. The acceptance of fees does not necessarily imply approval of registration.

The following regulations apply to all students.


Fees are due and payable before the commencement of regular term classes. As a convenience, students may pay their tuition fees at any time prior to the appropriate due date. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that deadlines are met. It is the student’s responsibility to be familiar with and understand all the University regulations contained in the Calendar; to understand how adding and dropping a course or courses, withdrawal, etc., affects a tuition fee account; and to ensure that tuition fees are paid in full without any notice from the University. Further, failure to receive a statement of account through the mail does not constitute a valid reason for nonpayment of fees. It is the responsibility of the student to check their fee account balance details and all available methods of payments on-line at You will need your student number and PIN to access this information.

Cheques or other remittances must be made payable to The University of Windsor and must be received by the Cashier's Office prior to the due date. The student's name, identification number, address and telephone number should be recorded in the upper portion of the form of the remittance to ensure that the records are properly credited.

Students may pay their fees at any chartered bank in Canada by using a bank payment form available at the Cashier's Office. If a student has a grant and/or loan (e.g., OSAP), the loan must be assigned to the University to pay the fees. Any known difference between the amount of the award and the fees must be paid on or before the due date.

Students who are unable to complete payment of fees by the prescribed due date must arrange a fee deferment. Daily interest charges and academic sanctions (see "Interest Charges on Outstanding Accounts") may apply. Deferments are permitted under the following circumstances:
(a) a student has evidence of having been awarded a Canada Student Loan or an Ontario Student Loan.
(b) a student has evidence of having been awarded a scholarship, bursary or similar award, which may be used to pay the fees.

Students who are sponsored and require invoices to be sent for collection of fees must bring the appropriate documentation to the Cashiers’ Office, 1st Floor, Chrysler Hall North.


1) It is the responsibility of the student to accurately report his or her academic status and correctly calculate the amount owing to the University for fees and other charges. Where calculations are incorrect or full payment is not made, daily interest will be charged on balances outstanding after the payment due date. Students should check all calculations thoroughly.

Any errors in a student's academic program, level, and status in Canada must be reported to the Office of the Registrar. Any errors which result in the incorrect calculation of fees owing do not relieve the student of the responsibility for payment of these fees. Students will be responsible for any additional charges incurred as a result of changes in their academic profile for all terms that are applicable.

2) It is the responsibility of the student paying his or her fees by cheque to ensure that sufficient funds are available to cover any cheques made payable to the University of Windsor. Cheques returned by the student's bank for any reason will incur return cheque penalties plus other penalties.

3) Every effort is made to process payments in a timely manner; however, cheques are valid for a period of six months and may be cashed at any time during that period.


Students who enroll in a course overload as defined in "Maximum Course Load and Overload" will be assessed an overload course fee.


A daily interest charge will be calculated on all outstanding accounts. The interest will be compounded monthly.

A student who has failed to comply with the above regulations may have his or her registration cancelled as of the date on which the unpaid fees were due.


Information concerning academic results of any student who has an overdue debt owing to the University shall be withheld until the debt is settled. This includes transcripts, tuition tax receipts and diplomas. Overdue accounts which are not settled in a timely manner may be referred to an external collection agency as deemed necessary by the Cashiers Office.

Students who are graduating and who have an outstanding debt will be permitted to attend Convocation, but they will not receive their diplomas until all their debts are settled.

Any student who has an overdue debt owing to the University may not be permitted to re-register until the debt is settled in full by cash, certified cheque, debit card, a money order, bank draft, electronic back transfer. Students who are settling an overdue account who pay with a personal cheque will have the hold remain on their account for 30 days (45 days for foreign cheques and drafts) to ensure the cheque clears the bank. The hold may be lifted upon presentation of a copy of the front and back of the cancelled cheque.

A student who has not made a satisfactory fee arrangement by the appropriate fee payment due date (see "Payment of Fees") may be subject to cancellation of his/her registration. Students will be notified by mail of any cancellations due to non-payment using the most recent address available. Appropriate charges will be assessed effective the date of cancellation.

Note: Non-payment of fees does not automatically result in the cancellation of registration in a course or courses.

Any student whose registration has been cancelled for default of payment is required to apply for reinstatement of registration at the Office of the Registrar. If the application is approved, a $50.00 reinstatement fee is added to any other assessable charges.

Overdue accounts must be paid by cash, certified cheque, or money order.

Any student who has an unresolved grievance concerning fees or other charges may present an explanatory letter with appropriate official documentation (e.g. doctor's notes, etc.) to the Credit Manager, Cashier's Office.


A tuition and education tax certificate (T2202A) in a form acceptable to the Canadian Customs and Revenue Agency (CCRA) is available via the Student Information System at This certificate is made available to all students whose accounts were paid in full by December 31 of the previous year. Student accounts that are not paid in full will show zero dollars for any semester which remains unpaid. If a student subsequently pays the semester, revised figures will be made available to them.


Undergraduate scholarships and other awards paid to students through the Finance Office are usually credited to the student's account on the basis of one half payable in each term. A refund cheque for any credit balance up to the value of all scholarships applied to the account for that term will be available to the student at the Cashiers’ Office and Awards Office. This date will be posted on the Cashiers’ website ( In order to pick up these cheques in the Cashiers’ Office, photo ID will be required, with no exceptions.


Graduate students who, for any reason, wish to withdraw from the University must notify, in writing, the Office of Graduate Studies, as otherwise resumption of graduate study at this University may be difficult or impossible.

Full-time undergraduate students who intend to withdraw completely from the University are required to undergo an interview and complete the appropriate forms at the Office of Student Development and Support.

Notice by telephone is not acceptable. Failure to attend classes does not constitute a withdrawal. Full refund will be given to part-time students enrolled in a course that has been cancelled by the University. Full and part-time students withdrawing from regular courses during the periods indicated below will be assessed fees as indicated.

Week(s) One and Two
Week(s) Three through Nine
Partial Fees Payable
After Week Nine
Full fees for the appropriate
program payable

Refunds resulting from withdrawals will be available on request.


The University of Windsor offers an incentive of free tuition and incidental fees for students sixty-five years of age and over, except in the case of professional programs. It is felt that people in this group might wish to avail themselves of the University facilities, not only for degree purposes, but perhaps for personal enrichment and the fuller utilization of their leisure time. If you feel that your needs can be served according to this program, we encourage and invite you to contact the Advising Centre. This applies to Canadian citizens or Permanent Residents of Canada only.


The Board of Governors reserves the right to make changes without notice in the published schedule of fees and charges if, in its opinion, circumstances so require. Any such changes will be reflected in the Self-Assessment form issued through the Cashier's Office before registration. It is the responsibility of the student to obtain this information.

The schedule of fees changes annually. Contact the Cashier's Office for information on the current schedule of fees, which outlines tuition, incidental, and other fees.

The following miscellaneous fees and charges are payable as incurred:

Undergraduate part-time studies application fee$40.00

Letter of Permission$40.00

Letter of Permission Revision Form$20.00/revision

Undergraduate change of course$5.00

Overload course Part-time per course tuition fee

Special examinations (per course):
UWin Distance Ed./Supplemental/Make-up (campus)$40.00
Distance Ed./Supplemental/Make-up (Off-campus) Variable
External agency booking, on campus$75.00
External student booking, on campus$50.00

Evaluation of documents $50.00

Transcript of academic record
(Courier surcharge: Canada (Xpresspost) $10.00;
U.S. $20.00; International $50.00; Fax Surcharge: $10.00.

Duplicate T2202A: Current year
First duplicate is free, each duplicate thereafter$3.00
Duplicate T2202A: Prior years$5.00

Late registration (full-time students)$30.00

Returned cheque charge $25.00/cheque

Registration reinstatement$50.00

Second Entry (Program Change) Revised Visa Letters$10.00/letter

Duplicate Graduation Eligibility Confirmation Letters$10.00/letter

Temporary Diplomas (issued prior to Convocation)$10.00/copy

Duplicate Diplomas (Issued after Convocation)$50.00

Application to graduate fee
Before deadline$35.00
After deadline$75.00

Duplicate Enrolment Certification/Attendance Letters$10.00/letter

"To Whom It May Concern" Miscellaneous Letters
(degree verification: for employment, etc.)

Historical Document Search/Student Status Verification for Legal Offices$50.00/request

Grade Appeal Fee (per course)$20.00

Rental of Graduation hood (two Days Max.) *$50.00 deposit - $30.00 refund upon return (charge $20.00)*$20.00

For information regarding residences, meal plan, residence deposits, deposit refund policies, and University houses, please contact the Office of Residence Services, Room 49, Vanier Hall, University of Windsor, Windsor Ontario.