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Since the overall number of spaces available in a program may be limited, previous registration does not guarantee re-admission to that or any other program if a student has interrupted his or her studies.

Students who have missed the Winter term must apply for re-admission to Intersession by April 1st; to Summer Session by June 1st; or to the Fall term by August 1st. Students who missed the Fall term must apply for re-admission to the Winter term by December 1st.

Individual programs may have other deadlines which will be indicated in the appropriate program section of this calendar.

Students applying for re-admission, and who are also requesting a change in program should refer to the section on Program Transfers.

Students who have had an interruption of studies for a prolonged period will have their previous academic work assessed by the faculty concerned to determine whether credit may be retained in specific courses.

Students may apply for re-admission on the web using the Student Self Service page at