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Undergraduate Calendar
Winter 2009

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Program Regulations

All options must be approved by Physics.

Program Information

Programs of study leading to the Bachelor of Science degree in Physics and High Technology (PHT), Honours Physics and Computer Science, and Honours Chemistry and Physics are offered. The Physics and High Technology degree has both a Co-op and a Fast-track option. The Fast-track option allows graduation after three years. With proper choice of options, students can graduate with a minor in Business. There is also a Physics and High Technology option for Electrical and Computer engineers, and combined Honours programs with other disciplines can be arranged. All programs are subject to the general University and Faculty of Science regulations as outlined in the relevant sections of this calendar.

Graduates from the PHT program with honours standing can normally expect to enter directly into the M.Sc. Program in Physics at Windsor and other Canadian universities. They will also be eligible for entry into most M.A.Sc. Programs in Electrical Engineering, although additional qualifying work may be required in some cases.