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Winter 2009

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Students are directed to become familiar and to comply with the general regulations of the University which apply to all students. Additionally, students must comply with the regulations particular to Nursing programs.

1) For promotion and graduation the following are required: A minimum grade of a C- in each nursing theory course; a pass in each clinical experience; a pass in each laboratory component of each clinical experience; an overall 5.0 average.

2) A minimum grade of B- is required in each Primary Care Nurse Practitioner course. Furthermore, not more than one course may be repeated once.

3) Students failing a clinical course may be required to complete make-up prior to re-taking the course.

4) No student may repeat a required nursing course more than once. No more than two required nursing courses may be repeated.

5) The program of studies for the four-year basic degree or the program for Registered Nurses must be completed within seven years from the first Nursing course (63-).

6) Students must attend all clinical nursing experiences and laboratories unless they have permission from the professor and/or a medical certificate to account for absence.

7) In the clinical courses, students must achieve all course outcomes and critical elements.

8) The consolidation experience for Years 2 and 3 will commence on the first day of Intersession. Clinical Nursing experiences may be arranged during day or evening shifts as well as weekends, and consolidated as necessary. Nights may be arranged at senior level and/or consolidation where deemed educationally appropriate and necessary by the Faculty of Nursing.

9) While taking 63-278 and 63-378 students may not take any other course.

10) No more than sixteen courses may be taken at the 100 level.

11) Students who are required to upgrade or who wish to maintain their clinical skills must repeat the appropriate clinical course for credit, effective September 1999.

12) Students who are required to repeat a nursing course must notify the Undergraduate Program Co-ordinator, in writing, of their desire to return, by June 30. If a student fails to do so, a clinical placement cannot be guaranteed.

13) Students who intend to register for 63-432 must notify the Undergraduate Program Co-ordinator by June 30 so that clinical placements can be arranged for the Fall term.

14) The Faculty of Nursing reserves the right to remove a nursing student from the clinical area at any time, in instances where the instructor has reason to believe that the student is rendering unsafe and/or unethical nursing care. Post-Diploma students must be in good standing with the College of Nurses of Ontario in order to remain in the program.

15) Students of the Faculty of Nursing are required to demonstrate behaviours consistent with the University of Windsor standards of acceptable behaviour (see Senate Bylaw 31) and the Professional Standards for Registered Nurses and Registered Practical Nurses; the Standards for the Therapeutic Nurse-Client Relationship; the Ethical Framework for Nurses in Ontario; and the Explanation of Professional Misconduct of the College of Nurses of Ontario; and of the academic policies of the University of Windsor.

Failure of any Nursing student to conform to the principles of these documents may result in dismissal from any of the Faculty of Nursing programs.

Note: The College of Nurses of Ontario requires that in order to obtain permission to write Nurse Registration Examinations and/or apply for Nurse Registration in Ontario, a person must provide a declaration of one's status regarding:
(a)any conviction of a criminal offense under the Narcotic Control Act and the Food and Drugs Act;
(b)being a subject of proceedings with respect to professional misconduct, incompetence, or incapacity in Ontario in another health profession or in another jurisdiction in nursing or in another health profession;
(c)any mental or physical disorder which makes it desirable in the public interest that the person not practice;
(d) a current police clearance within six months of examinations.
Further Information
Applicants wishing to discuss the program or visit the Faculty of Nursing should contact the campus (519-253-3000, Ext. 2258). Information may also be obtained from the Internet:

Major Clinical Resources

Nursing is a profession of diverse opportunity. Clinical experiences are found in a variety of settings.

Examples of the diversity of placements for nursing students are hospitals, public health agencies, visiting nurse organizations, family support services, doctors offices and clinics, day care centres and preschools, elementary and high schools, new Canadian multi cultural programs, First Nations groups, seniors residences and services, and caring for challenged populations. On campus, practice is done in independent learning laboratories and simulated situations. These experiences and more, lay the foundation for professional nursing.

Awards and Scholarships

Nursing Entrance Awards and Scholarships are offered to students enrolled at the University of Windsor, Faculty of Nursing.