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Winter 2009

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Classical Studies are devoted to the examination, analysis, and understanding of the languages, literatures, and history of the ancient Near East, Greece and Rome, and to an exploration of their cultural and linguistic legacies to modern society.

The Modern Languages program is devoted to the study and analysis of world languages in the context of their literary and cultural traditions. In addition to providing the opportunity to learn a new language and explore another culture, the Modern Languages Program focuses on Second Language Education, which explores the process through which a second language is learned. Such knowledge enables our students to become more effective language students and language teachers.

French Studies: The French language is an essential part of Canada's culture, not only for those who become teachers or translators, but also for those who enter the legal profession, the federal or provincial civil service, social work, business, or industry - in short, all walks of life.

Options in French Studies: Students wishing to take French as an option are free to select any course provided that they have demonstrated a sufficient command of the language, and/or sufficient preparation in literary studies.

Not all courses listed will be offered in each term. The programs reserve the right to limit enrollment in language courses and to place students in courses deemed appropriate to their level of language competence.

Native speakers must consult a program advisor for placement. All majors should plan their programs in consultation with an advisor.

Language courses numbered 100/101, 200/201, 220/221, and 300/301 must be taken in sequence unless special permission is obtained from a program advisor.