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Post Graduate Certificate in Accounting

Admission Requirements: Students entering the program must hold a university degree in any discipline, including Business, and must have obtained a cumulative GPA of 7.0 (C+) in the prior university degree.

Total courses: Twelve

Major requirements:70-151, 70-251, 70-255, 72-271, 70-252, 70-352, 70-356, 70-360, 70-361, 70-457, 62-194, and, 41-110.

Other requirements: Due to course prerequisites, students must have completed 72-270 Business Finance I and any university-level Statistics course (such as 04-73-102 Business Data Analysis) before taking 04-72-271 Business Finance II.

Note: A student who has previously completed the following course(s) or their equivalents, will be exempted from taking the corresponding courses, and will not be required to substitute for the exempted course(s). The courses are:
62-194 Mathematics for Business
70-151 Principles of Financial Accounting
41-110 Introduction to Economics I
70-255 Principles of Managerial Accounting
72-271 Business Finance II