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1a. Students in first entry undergraduate programs may take any failed course for a second time.

1b. Students in undergraduate programs may repeat any passed course twice.

2. Students who have twice failed a course which is required for graduation in their program will be withdrawn from the program, unless a request to take the course a third time has been granted by the Dean of the Faculty (or designate) in which the student is registered, in accordance with 2.1 below. If the Dean (or designate) has approved the student’s request to take the course for a third time, the student will be reinstated in the program.
    2.1 In exceptional circumstances, permission to take twice failed courses for a third time may be granted by the Dean (or designate) of the Faculty in which the student is registered, after consultation with the Dean (or designate) of the Faculty in which the course is offered (if different), following a detailed review of the student’s academic record and documented extenuating circumstances that may have affected the student’s success in the course. The decision of the Dean (or designate) of the Faculty in which the student is registered shall be final and shall be filed together with the rationale with the Office of the Registrar.

    In the Faculty of Engineering passed courses may be repeated only in the final year of study as may be allowed by the Faculty.

    2.2. Students who have been required to withdraw from a program based on this policy will be able to transfer into any other program (general or honours) at the University provided they meet the admission and program requirements for that program.