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Fall 2016

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Programs (Listed Alphabetically)

Listed Alphabetically by Department/Program Area

The University offers the following Masters and Doctoral programs.
[Programs with a Co-op or Internship option are identified in the list.]

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Applied Computing (MAC) Degree
Applied Economics and Policy (MAEP)
Automotive Engineering (International Master of Engineering with Politecnico di Torino) (MASc in Automotive Engineering/Laurea Magistrale in Automotive Engineering Dual Degree Program))
Actuarial Science (M.Act.Sc)
Argumentation Studies (PhD)

Biological Sciences (MSc)
Biological Sciences (PhD)
Business Administration (MBA)
Business Administration (MBA) (Co-op)
Business Administration (MBA) (Fast-track)
Business Administration (MBA for Managers and Professionals)
Business Administration/Bachelor of Laws (Integrated MBA/JD)
See also Management

Chemistry and Biochemistry (MSc)
Chemistry and Biochemistry (PhD)
Civil Engineering (MASc)
Civil Engineering (MEng) (Co-op/Internship Option)
Civil Engineering (PhD)
Communication and Social Justice (MA)
See also Sociology and Social Justice
Computer Science (MSc) (With and without Co-op)
Computer Science (PhD)
Criminology (MA)

Earth Sciences (MSc)
Earth Sciences (PhD)
Economics (MA)
Education (MEd)
Education (MEd) - International Cohort
Educational Studies (PhD Joint program)
Electrical Engineering (MASc)
Electrical Engineering (MEng) (Co-op/Internship Option)
Electrical Engineering (Computer Engineering Field) (MEng)
Electrical Engineering (PhD)
Engineering Materials (MASc)
Engineering Materials (MEng)
Engineering Materials (PhD)
Engineering Management (Master of Engineering Management)
English (MA)
Environmental Engineering (MASc)
Environmental Engineering (MEng) (Co-op/Internship Option)
Environmental Engineering (PhD)
Environmental Science (MSc)
Environmental Science (PhD)

Film and Media Arts (MFA)

History (MA)
Human Kinetics (MHK)

Industrial Engineering (MASc)
Industrial Engineering (MEng)
Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering (PhD) (Multi-Disciplinary Program)


Kinesiology (PhD)

Law (LLM)

Management (MM)
Mathematics and Statistics (MSc)
Mathematics and Statistics (PhD)
Mechanical Engineering (MASc)
Mechanical Engineering (MEng) (Co-op/Internship Option)
Mechanical Engineering (Automotive Option) (MEng) (Co-op/Internship Option)
Mechanical Engineering (PhD)
Medical Biotechnology (MMB)


Nursing (PhD)
Nursing (MScN)
Nursing (MN) - Advanced Clinical Field, Nursing Leadership Field
Nursing (MN) - Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner Field
Nursing - Primary Health Care Nurse Graduate Diploma
Nursing - Graduate Diploma in Advanced Practice Oncology/Palliative Care
See also Graduate Diploma programs

Philosophy (MA)
Physics (MSc)
Physics (PhD)
Political Science (MA)
Political Science (MPP Articulation)
Psychology (PhD and MA)

Social Work (MSW) (Internship)
Social Work (Phd)
Social Work and Juris Doctor (Joint Program) (MSW/JD)
Social Data Analysis (MA) (Note: As of Fall 2014 there are no new admissions to this program.)

Sociology (MA)
Sociology with Specialization in Social Justice (PhD)
See also Communication and Social Justice

Visual Arts (MFA)