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Bachelor of Applied Science in Environmental Engineering (For students who entered the program Fall 2008 to present)

The program in Environmental Engineering is built upon a broad base of science and mathematics combined with an emphasis on engineering principles and design.

The rapid growth of industrial activities has produced many new problems related to environmental protection, resource conservation, and safety. The public has been aware of the risks involved in handling a wide range of hazardous and toxic materials by major incidents which have occurred in spite of improved design methods and operating techniques to overcome potential problems. Consequently, legislation is being formulated and enacted to control the release of toxic chemicals and pollutants into our environment. Environmental engineers are trained not only to solve problems of immediate concern, but also to develop practices and processes to systematically avoid their occurrence.

Environmental engineers have qualifications which will permit them to focus upon the transport, transformation and removal of contaminants in air, water, and soil, as well as the broader aspects of environmental planning and impact assessment.

Note: The baccalaureate degree program in Environmental Engineering is accredited by the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board of the Canadian Council of Professional Engineers. With appropriate selection of electives, students would be qualified to apply to medical schools.

FIRST AND SECOND YEAR - Common to all Civil And Environmental Engineering Programs

Year 1 - Fall (Semester 1)
85-111. Engineering Mechanics I
85-133. Engineering and Design
62-140. Differential Calculus
62-126. Linear Algebra
01-150. Foundations of Academic Writing I

Year 1 - Winter (Semester 2)
85-120. Engineering Thermo fluids
62-141. Integral Calculus
64-141. Introduction to Physics II
59-110. Topics General Chemistry
01-151. Foundations of Academic Writing II

Year 1 - Summer Term
(Co-op students only)
85-198. Work Term I

Students must have completed at least eight (8) of their 1st year courses before being allowed to register into the 2nd year courses.

Year 2 - Fall Term (Semester 3)
85-232. Engineering Software Fundamentals
85-234. Electrical and Computing Fundamentals
85-250. Engineering and the Environment
92-210. Dynamics
62-215. Vector Calculus
Non-Technical Elective

Year 2 - Winter Term (Semester 4)
85-218. Mechanics of Deformable Bodies
85-222. Treatment of Experimental Data
87-220. Civil Engineering Information Systems
87-219. Materials in Civil and Environmental Engineering
85-220 Numerical Analysis for Engineering
62-216. Differential Equations

Year 2 - Summer Term (Co-op students only)
85-298. (Work Term II)

Students must have completed all the 1st year courses and at least nine (9) of their 2nd year courses before being allowed to register into the 3rd year courses.

Year 3 - Fall (Semester 5)
85-313. Engineering Economy
87-351. Fluid Mechanics
87-352. Stress Analysis
87-355. Geotechnical Engineering I
93-351. Thermodynamics
93-352. Environmental Chemical Analysis

Year 3 – Winter (Semester 6)
55-140. Biological Diversity
87-471. Hydrology
93-361. Transport Phenomema
93-362. Air Pollution Control
93-363. Water/Wastewater Treatment
93-364. Materials Recovery/Waste Management

Year 3 - Summer Term (Co-op students Only)
85-398. Work Term III

Students cannot register into any of the 4th year courses until they have completed nine (9) 3rd year Civil Engineering courses and all courses from 1st and 2nd year.

Year 4 – Fall Term (Co-op students only)
85-498. Work Term IV

Year 4 - Winter (Semester 7)
87-472. Hydraulics
93-400. Capstone Design
93-471. Water Dist./Wastewater Coll.
93-472. Chemical Reaction Engineering
93-473. Environmental Engineering Microbiology
Non-Technical Elective

Year 4 - Summer (Semester 8)
85-421. Engineering and Society
93-400. Capstone Design
93-481. Sustainability in Engineering
93-482. Hydrogeological Engineering
Technical Elective

Technical Electives:
87-363. Geotechnical Engineering II
87-365. Transportation Planning
87-482. Planning and Construction Management
92-324. Engineering Measurements
92-328. Heat Transfer
92-455. Environmental Effects and Control of Noise