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Fall 2009

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Each student must register at the beginning of each term/session in the manner designated by the Registrar. Although the courses selected may be offered in different Faculties of the University, all students register through the Registrar's Office only.

Deadline dates for fee payment vary from term to term (see Payment of Fees and Academic Dates). A student who maintains an active course registration on the first day of term is obligated to make fee payments in accordance with the procedures, see Payment of Fees. The non-payment policies will be applied to a student who has not made satisfactory fee arrangements with the cashier. (See Non-Payment of Fees and Charges).


A student whose application is not complete by the regular registration period may be allowed to register provisionally. All required forms and documents must be submitted before the last day of late registration.


1) Full-time undergraduate students who intend to withdraw completely from the University are required to undergo an interview, and complete the appropriate forms at the Educational Development Centre.

The status of a student who withdraws from full-time studies is left to the decision of the Faculty in which the student is registered and will be reported to the student through the Office of the Registrar.

Part-time students who find it necessary to withdraw from a course or from the University may drop their courses over the web on the Student Self Service page or must notify the Registrar in person or by registered mail.

2) Students wishing to withdraw from a course or courses may do so over the web using the Student Self Service page or may use the "Course Change Form" which is available from the Office of the Registrar.

Students must withdraw from a course or courses within the withdrawal periods as indicated below. Specific dates vary from term to term and are indicated in the Academic Dates. Withdrawal periods for courses in other sessions are normally set at approximately two-thirds of the course length. The withdrawal will be entered on the student's transcript as VW, (Voluntary Withdrawal), which is defined as "Withdrawal in good standing. No academic credit."

Students may not withdraw from a course or courses after the appropriate designated withdrawal period. After the voluntary withdrawal period for a course, students remain registered and will be assigned grades as appropriate.

A student who wishes to drop a course or courses after the appropriate withdrawal period based on medical or compassionate grounds should refer to "Appeals" or to Senate Bylaw 51 which is available in the Office of the Senate Secretariat or via the web at

3) The dates for withdrawal from courses which may result in partial tuition refunds vary from term to term. See, Academic Dates for appropriate dates and Withdrawal and Refund Policy. The Cashier's Office will make the appropriate adjustment of fees where applicable.


One-term course offered during Fall or Winter Term - within nine weeks of beginning of term. (Not including Study Week)

Two-term course - within four weeks of beginning of the second term.

Summer Term (Intersession/Summer Session)
Three week course - within two weeks of beginning of session.
Six week course - within four weeks of beginning of session.
Eight week course - within five weeks of beginning of session.
Twelve week course - within nine weeks of beginning of session.


The University of Windsor offers a flexible approach to learning. Credit courses are offered daytime, evening classes, through distance education and partial distance education. Courses may be taken any of these ways or any combination of these ways.

Campus day or evening classes
1. Classes on campus, three hours per week, spread over two or three days,
or all on one evening, per week. Some courses have additional
lab hours.

Distance - Independent Study
2. No classes to attend; learn using print materials, CDs, web
sites and online discussion with instructor and classmates

Partial Distance - On-campus Classes + Independent Study
3. Some classes or labs on campus, combined with independent study.

For program information, course offerings, fees, course textbooks and material information visit