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Undergraduate Calendar
Fall 2009

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Courses (Listed Alphabetically by Department)

Listed Alphabetically by Department/Program Area

Arts and Sciences (56-xxx)
Biological Sciences (55-xxx)
Business (70-xxx, 71-xxx, 72-xxx, 73-xxx, 74-xxx, 75-xxx)
Communication, Media and Film (40-xxx)
Chemistry and Biochemistry (59-xxx)
Computer Science (60-xxx)
Disability Studies (37-xxx)
Disability Studies-Emphasis Courses
Dramatic Art (24-xxx)
Earth and Environmental Sciences (61-xxx, 66-xxx, 67-xxx)
Economics (41-xxx)
Education (Pre-Service) (80-xxx)
Education (In-Service) (81-xxx)
Engineering - General (85-xxx)
Engineering - Civil and Environmental Engineering (87-xxx, 93-xxx)
Engineering - Electrical and Computer Engineering (88-xxx)
Engineering - Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering (91-xxx)
Engineering - Mechanical, Automotive, and Materials Engineering (89-xxx, 92-xxx, 94-xxx)
English, Language, Literature and Creative Writing (26-xxx)
Environmental Studies (58-xxx)
Forensic Science (57-xxx)
General Arts and Social Sciences (01-xxx, 02-xxx)
Geography (42-xxx)
History (43-xxx)
Kinesiology (95-xxx)
Law (98-xxx, 99-xxx)
Labour Studies (54-xxx)
Languages, Literatures and Cultures (includes Classical Studies, French Studies, Language and Logic, Modern Languages) (06-xxx, 07-xxx, 08-xxx, 10-xxx, 11-xxx, 12-xxx, 13-xxx, 14-xxx, 15-xxx, 21-xxx, 23-xxx)
Mathematics and Statistics (62-xxx, 65-xxx)
Music (32-xxx, 33-xxx)
Nursing (63-xxx)
Philosophy (34-xxx)
Physics (64-xxx)
Political Science (includes Diaspora Studies, International Relations and Development Studies) (45-xxx)
Psychology (46-xxx)
Social Work (47-xxx)
Sociology, Anthropology and Criminology (includes Family and Social Relations) (48-xxx, 49-xxx, 50-xxx)
Visual Arts (27-xxx, 28-xxx, 36-xxx) (includes Visual Arts and the Built Environment courses)
Women's Studies (53-xxx)
Women's-Emphasis Courses