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The University of Windsor is a party to a number of multilateral and bilateral agreements with universities in other countries, which permit University of Windsor students to attend other institutions for periods up to one academic year as part of their degree program at Windsor. Normally, courses taken while participating under one of these agreements are treated as if they were taken at the University of Windsor, and do not require a Letter of Permission.

Many agreements are open as to field of study, while others are intended for students in specific disciplines. In some (but not all) cases proficiency in a second language is required for participation. Other conditions of eligibility also vary from program to program.

Current agreements for exchange study are listed below, with field of study and language of instruction; for further information, or for an application form, contact Windsor International or go to

Deakin University - Open (preference to Human Kinetics) - English
Victoria University of Technology - Open - English

Université du Québec à Montréal - French, Law - French

European Union
EU/Canada Mobility (5 universities) - Social Justice - English, Flemish, French, German, Spanish

IFI/ESC Rouen - Business - English, French
Ontario/Rhône-Alpes Exchange - (14 Universities) - Open - French
Université Jean Monnet - Open - French
University of Nice - Open - French

Fachhochschule Bielefeld - Business - German, English
Ontario/Baden - Württemberg Exchange - (9 Universities) - Open - German
VWA - Studienakademie - Stuttgart (Business Co-op placements) - German

National University of Ireland, Maynooth - Open - English

Università degli Studi di Udine - Open - Italian

International Christian University - Open - English, Japanese

Autonomous University of Guadalajara - Open - Spanish

Arnhem Business School - Business - English
University of Amsterdam - Philosophy - English

New Zealand
Victoria University of Wellington - Open - English

North American Mobility Program
Canada, Mexico, USA (4 Universities) - Accounting and Business -
English; Spanish

People's Republic of China
Hong Kong Polytechnic University - Business - English

Universidad Publica de Navarra - Open - Spanish

Jönköping University - Business, Communication Studies, Engineering - English
University of Karlstad - Open - English

United Kingdom
Keele University - Open - English
Southampton Institute - Open - English
University of Derby - Open - English
University of Leicester - Open - English
University of Wales, Swansea - Open - English