Winter 2008 Undergraduate Calendar


Each course is identified by a three-part number. The first part refers to the Faculty, the second part to the subject area, the third to the level of the course. Thus, the course 02-46-220 would be a course in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (02-), in the subject area of Psychology (46-) and would be at a level that places it among courses in the 200 series. The series 100, 200, 300, and 400 numbers are intended to indicate progressively more demanding content and correspondingly increasing background and competence on the part of the students enrolled in the course.

Numbers in the range 100-199 are ordinarily used for the introductory courses in most disciplines. Within the range, however, a lower number does not necessarily signify more elementary content.

It is important that students planning their courses have clearly in mind the significance of these numbers so that they may guard against undertaking course work at levels for which they are insufficiently prepared. A number of courses have stated prerequisites which are prior requirements for entry to a course. Students who do not satisfy the prerequisite for a course, or who in the opinion of the instructor do not possess an equivalent background to that of the stated prerequisite, may not register for the course, and may be removed if they register inappropriately.

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
Faculty of Science
Faculty of Business Administration
Faculty of Education
Faculty of Engineering
Faculty of Human Kinetics
Faculty of Law
Faculty of Nursing
Inter-Faculty Programs

01- (Arts)/02- (Social Sciences)

Program/Course Codes
Note: The Program/Course codes are preceded by the relevant Faculty code.

Arts and Science, 14-56-
Additional Qualification Courses, 05-79-
Biology, 03-55-
Business Administration:
Accounting, 04-70-
Business Strategy and Entrepreneurship, 04-75-
Finance, 04-72-
Management and Labour Studies, 04-71-
Management Science, 04-73-
Marketing, 04-74-
Chemistry and Biochemistry, 03-59-
Civil and Environmental Engineering:
Civil, 06-87-
Environmental, 06-93-
Classical and Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures:
Aboriginal Studies, 01-06-
Intercultural Studies, 01-07-
Oriental Studies, 01-10-
Classical Studies, 01-11-
Greek & Roman Hist., 01-12
Greek Lang. & Lit., 01-13-
Latin Lang. & Lit., 01-14-
German, 01-15-
Italian, 01-21-
Spanish, 01-23-
Communication Studies: 02-40-
Computer Science, 03-60-
Dramatic Art: 01-24-
Earth Sciences:
Geology, 03-61-
Environmental Science, 03-66-
Geography, 03-67-
Economics, 02-41-
Education, 05-80-
Electrical and Computer Engineering, 06-88-
English, 01-26-
Environmental Studies, 14-58-
Forensics, 14-57-
French Studies, 01-29-
General Engineering, 06-85-
Geography: 02-42-
History, 02-43-
Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering, 06-91-
Kinesiology, 07-95-
Labour Studies: 02-54-
Law service courses, 08-99-
Law courses, 08-98-
Mathematics and Statistics:
Mathematics, 03-62-
Statistics, 03-65-
Mechanical, Automotive, and Materials Engineering:
Mechanical, 06-92-
Automotive, 06-94-
Materials, 06-89-
Music Academic Studies, 01-32-
Music Performance Studies, 01-33-
Nursing, 11-63-
Philosophy: 01-34-
Physics, 03-64-
Political Science: 02-45-
Psychology: 02-46-
Social Justice: 02-38-
Social Work: 02-47-
Sociology and Anthropology:
Sociology, Criminology, 02-48-
Anthropology, 02-49-
Planning, 02-50
Visual Arts:
Visual Arts, 01-27-
Art History, 01-28-
Women's Studies, 02-53-