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Winter 2008

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President's Honour Roll

Students who maintain a cumulative average of 11.5 or higher will be recognized by the University as University scholars and will have a notation included on their transcript to this effect.

Dean's Honour Roll

The following list the criteria for Dean's Honour Roll in each Faculty. Students who have met the criteria for Dean’s Honour Roll in their Faculty will have a notation included on their transcript to this effect.

Inter-Faculty Programs
1. Must have completed 10 courses in the previous year,
2. Must be enrolled in an Inter-Faculty program on a full-time basis
3. Must have obtained a cumulative average of 11.0 or higher

Faculty of Arts and Social Science
To be eligible for this distinction, a student must have completed at least ten or more courses at the University of Windsor in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and maintained a cumulative average of at least 11.0 (A-).

Faculty of Business Administration
1. Applies to undergraduate and graduate programs.
2. Must have completed 10 courses.
3. Must be enrolled in a business program on a full time basis in at least one of Intersession/Summer or Fall, AND in the Winter semester. Two exceptions apply. If the student is on two co-op work terms during this 12 month period the Fall semester prior to that period will be included. Also, if the Winter semester is their last term and they are not full time as they don’t need to be in order to finish, their previous Fall semester is considered.
4. Must have a cumulative average of 11.5 or higher at the end of the Winter semester.

Faculty of Education
No Dean’s Honour Roll.

Faculty of Engineering
For a student to be considered for the Engineering Dean’s Honour Roll, she/he must be enrolled in an Engineering program, and must normally have:
1. successfully completed at least 10 courses which are required (or allowed as electives) in the Engineering program at the University of Windsor;
2. registered with full time status in his/her two most recent Engineering regular academic semesters;
3. successfully completed at least 10 Engineering program courses within her/his two most recent regular Engineering academic semesters; and
4. achieved a semester average of at least 11 on the transcript of her/his most recent full time enrolment semester.

Faculty of Graduate Studies
See appropriate Faculty related to your discipline for criteria, if any.

Faculty of Human Kinetics
To be eligible:
1. A student must be enrolled in 5 courses in a semester.
2. A student must have an 11.0 semester GPA or above on 5 or more courses.

The Human Kinetics Dean’s Honour Roll designation is awarded on a semester basis.

Faculty of Law
No Dean’s Honour Roll.

Faculty of Nursing
1. Students will be eligible for the Dean’s Honour Roll once they have completed 10 courses while enrolled in the nursing program and are in good standing at the University of Windsor.
2. Having met the 10-course criteria, membership on the Dean’s Honour Roll will be based on level of demonstrated achievement, i.e., grade point average, in subsequent semesters.
3. The student must be enrolled full-time in the semester for which the grade point is calculated.
4. The student must have achieved a semester grade point of 11.0 as recorded on the transcript.

Faculty of Science
1. At least 10 courses completed at the University of Windsor.
2. Full time status in the fall and winter semesters.
3. Cumulative average of 11 in the most recent winter term.
4. Major average of 11 on the transcript of the most recent winter term. For General Science students replace the major average with the average over all science courses.
5. Registered in a Co-op term in Winter with grades in Fall at required levels.